Meet Our Therapists

North Auckland:

Sophia Elise

Sophia Elise

Relationship Therapist

I’m a Registered Counsellor and specialised Relationship Therapist who enjoys working with both individuals and couples. I’m passionate about working with people who experience challenges with relationships, and I will work with you to help identify the issues you’re facing and determine what you’d like to improve. I use a variety of approaches to help you repair your relationships, rebuild intimacy and connection with each other, improve your communication, increase your understanding of yourself and your partner, resolve conflicts and build a stronger, more resilient relationship to take you into the future.  I’m passionate about helping people turn their vision for their future into reality and to live the best life possible.

My counselling approach is based in Collaborative therapies drawing from Narrative and Solution Focused Brief therapy and incorporating the Developmental Model and Gottman method when working with relationships. I’m passionate about learning and undertake regular supervision and training to ensure I deliver the best care I can to all my clients.

My Background

Master of Applied Practice
Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Nursing
Advanced Training in The Bader Person Developmental Model of Couple Therapy
Training in Gottman Method of Couples therapy
Full member Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
Supervisor Registered with NZAC and NZCCA

9am-6pm Monday-Thursday 
Phone or text: 027 6301810

Location: Northcross, North Shore and Zoom (on zoom only in RED Light conditions)

Fees:                                                                                                                                Individuals: 60 minutes $160 
Couples: 90 minutes $250                                                                                Supervision: $150


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Perry King

Perry King

Relationship Therapist

I work as a Relationship Therapist with couples and individuals, supporting them to find their way through life’s challenges and the difficulties they face in relationships. I assist clients to develop their goals for therapy, find long-term solutions to their problems and explore new possibilities as they move into preferred ways of being. By employing a variety of approaches I help people re-engage and connect with each other, improve their communication skills, develop emotional and sexual intimacy, repair relationship hurts and build stronger more sustainable relationships.

What you can expect:
A collaborative, relational and solution focused approach, guided by the principals of Narrative Therapy and implementing the Bader Pearson Developmental Model of Relationship Therapy providing a proven methodology for effective interpersonal development.

I am passionate about relationship therapy and will provide a safe environment for you to talk about your situation, support your understanding of the issues you face and find meaning and hope in your experience.

In addition, I also offer a 12-week program for women, called ‘Relationship Ready’.  A skills-building course designed to complement and support your couple therapy or individual counselling. For more information go to

My Background:
Advanced Training in The Bader Person Developmental Model of Couple Therapy
Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
Bachelor Degree from Auckland University
Registered with NZ Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)
Committed to ongoing development and training in all areas of relationship therapy

Available  Online (zoom) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Please phone, text or email for an appointment:
Phone or text: 021 778 392

Individuals: $200 incl gst) per hour
Couples: $220 (incl gst) per hour session, 1.5 hour session available on request.  Payable at the end of the session. 

Please provide a notice of at least two working days in the case of cancellation. Cancellations of less than 24 hours and failure to attend will incur the full appointment fee.

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Sue Nicholls

Sue Nicholls

Relationship Therapist

I am a counsellor and family therapist and have been in private practice in Orewa and Warkworth for the past 23 years.

I am particularly passionate about working with the challenges relationship brings. I work collaboratively with couples who want to make their relationships more connected by achieving goals which help create the desired changes.

I help them discover new ways of communicating and relating to each other, develop a deeper awareness of themselves and their partner, and support their growth both individually and together. I provide a safe and reflective environment for couples to share their vulnerabilities and hurts so they can deepen their trust and intimacy on every level and therefore build stronger more fulfilling relationships.

I work with a combination of approaches including the Developmental Model of Bader Pearson Couple Therapy and I also draw on The Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy to assist my clients and my practise. I undertake regular supervision, and continually invest in my professional development.

Registered Member of NZAC
helor of Counselling 

Appointments:                                                                                                              Monday and Thursday Orewa House
Wednesday The River Room Warkworth
Phone, text 021 767657 or email

Fees: Individuals $160 inc GST for 60 min session
Couples $185 inc GST for 60 min session
Payable at end of session with either eftpos or internet banking

Cancellations: Please provide two working days notice for cancellation. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full rate

Central Auckland:

Adrienne Bartle

Adrienne Bartle

Clinical Psychologist

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist with a wide range of experience in both community mental health services and private practice.   Alongside a number of modalities for individual therapy, I am trained in the Developmental Model for Relationship Therapy and have a particular interest in re-partnering and blended families as well as sexuality issues.   I use a collaborative, relational approach tailored to meet the specific needs of my clients to help them navigate the inevitable, on-going stressors of our modern-day lifestyle.

I am passionate about working alongside couples, helping them discover constructive ways to may remain connected. This includes helping them identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour and their source, develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners, discover new ways of communicating and relating to each other and support their growth both individually and together. I provide a safe, accepting and reflective environment for couples to share their vulnerabilities so they may deepen their trust and intimacy and by so doing, build a stronger, fulfilling relationship.

I am a full member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists, the New Zealand Psychological Society, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, ACC registered and adhere strictly to the Code of Ethics.


Please contact me either by email:;

or text/phone: 0274944412 to leave a message.


I offer appointments on Monday to Thursday 8am -6.00 and Saturdays by arrangement.  My room is based in Mt Eden, 465 Mt Eden Road, Auckland.


Fees are $200 (incl GST) for Couple Therapy and $185 (incl GST) for individual therapy consults of 1 hour, payable at the completion of the session. Cash or direct banking payment methods are accepted and invoiced accordingly. There is no EftPos or Credit Card facility available.

If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please provide at least two working days’ notice. Sessions not attended or cancelled within 24 hours incur the full fee.


Ric Church

Ric Church

Registered Psychotherapist


I am a registered psychotherapist with 16 years’ experience working with couples and individuals. I have an empathic and direct approach to my work and am focused on getting the results you need.

In couples work, it’s not just about getting your relationship back to where it was, but making it even better.

It may sound unusual to say, but conflict in relationships is not only inevitable, it is necessary. It is about how we manage conflict internally and externally, in a way that brings about a more intimate connection.

Conflict comes in many forms such as infidelity, miscommunication, work/life stress, raising children, depression, anxiety and anger, to name but a few. While working with me you, and your partner, will come to understand that being able to tolerate and take action around conflict is key to all long term, committed relationships. I can adjust my therapy to incorporate these kinds of issues.

I have trained under Nic Beets and Paula Dennan in the Developmental Model of relationship therapy and my particular experience is in anger management, depression, anxiety, and addiction issues like drugs alcohol and pornography.

If you believe any of these issues are part of your relationship, or if you’d like to have a chat about other particular areas, please call me free on 0508-636782 or email

My fees are $250 per hour (incl GST) and I usually spend 1.5 hours with couples for their sessions where possible.

Paula Dennan

Paula Dennan

Clinical Psychologist

I work as Clinical Psychologist and have over 25 years of experience working with individual wellbeing, couple relationship concerns, and specialize in sex therapy and sport psychology. I enjoy working collaboratively developing goals for therapy whilst appreciating the unique history of experiences and skills that each person brings.

I am passionate about relationships given the importance and impact they have on our lives. My therapy style is to work alongside you as part of your relationship team to support both individual and relationship development. I work in an open, honest, direct way challenging issues and supporting change.

I have trained widely in Couple Therapy and Sex Therapy with sexual and emotional intimacy issues. I am an approved Australasian Couples Institute Trainer for The Bader Pearson Developmental Model of Couple Therapy and provide training, supervision and consultation for relationship therapists.


Please contact me by email ( or phone 0272821940 to leave a message or txt.  

I offer appointments on M -Th 8am-4pm when available.  I am currently working on zoom/telehealth under Covid conditions.

Fees are $260(incl gst) for Couple/Sex Therapy consults of 1hr (1.5hr couple consults are available at $390 gst inc) payable at the completion of the session. Cash or direct banking payment methods are accepted and invoiced accordingly. There is no eftpos or credit card facility available.

If you need to cancel or change an appointment please provide at least two working days notice. Sessions not attended or cancelled within 24 hours incur the full fee. Non paid invoices may be subject to debt collection and incur associated costs.

Please note that I cannot offer an after-hours, immediate response or crisis service.

If you are concerned for your own or any other person’s safety, contact the emergency services (dial 111) or use one of the crisis services listed on the following web page:

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Nathan Gaunt

Nathan Gaunt

Registered Counselling Psychologist

I enjoy my practice as both a Registered Psychologist and Registered Counselling Psychologist. I have experience in working with a wide range of relationship and sexuality issues, and am comfortable and familiar with working with heterosexual, same-sex (homosexual), and with ‘untraditional’ relationship dynamics.

I am particularly interested in helping people in relationships to

  • Conceptualise issues and problems within the relationship
  • Recognise and address unhealthy styles of conflict
  • Address issues of betrayal or detachment
  • Improve and regain intimacy and communication
  • Develop stronger and more robust relationships
  • Work through relationship related dilemmas and challenges
  • Navigate effective and respectful endings to relationships (if necessary).

Some of the issues that I work with which often impact on and affect personal relationships, include

  • Sexual orientation and sexual identity.
  • Compulsive (“Addictive”) or problematic use of pornography,
  • Infidelity and “Affairs”
  • Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and Performance anxiety
  • Polyamory, and “Open relationships”,
  • Problematic use of sex workers
  • Issues with Fetish and Paraphilia
  • Issues with sexual offending and harmful and/or compulsive sexual behaviours

I am available for online (zoom) consultations during business hours, Monday to Thursday.  To discuss making an appointment, please call me directly on 021 121 2024

You can email me at

One hour Relationship Therapy sessions cost $220 (gst incl) (longer sessions times are sometimes available). Fees are payable at the completion of the session by cash or cheque, or you can be invoiced via email if you wish to pay by online banking. Unpaid invoices may be subject to debt collection and incur associated costs.

Cancelation Policy
Sessions not attended or cancelled within 24 hours will incur the full fee.

Please note that I cannot offer an after-hours, immediate response or crisis service.

If you are concerned for your own or any other person’s safety, you should contact the emergency services (dial 111) or use one of the crisis services listed on the following web page:

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Christine Kalin

Christine Kalin

Registered Psychotherapist

Registered Psychotherapist (MNZAP)
Certified Transactional Analyst (ITAA)
Registered Alcohol & Drug Practitioner (DAPAANZ)
Diploma in Management

I am a registered psychotherapist and operate a private practice by zoom/telehealth offering both individual and couple therapy.  Having worked in senior clinical roles in adult, youth, mental health, and addiction services during my 30-year career, I have broad experience of working across a wide range of service delivery models, including community counselling and psychotherapy services, hospitals, and specialist family support programmes.

In addition to my clinical qualifications I completed a MBA and worked as the CEO of Odyssey House Trust and Auckland SPCA.  Combining a robust clinical background and extensive experience as a CEO of major public sector organisations I am able to offer clients unique insights and knowledge.

Difficulties with relationships can seriously affect every part of your life, including work, family, social and alone time.  I am passionate about working with couples and assisting them to reach better levels of communication, trust and intimacy. I am trained in The Bader Pearson Developmental Model of Couple Therapy.

The purpose of therapy is to create positive changes, to enhance one’s sense of self and to find manageable and empowering solutions to life’s challenges. As a therapist I work alongside my clients in a direct, focused, and insight oriented way.

Please phone, text or email for an appointment: 
Please contact me by email (
or phone me directly (027 2345 038).

I am not often able to answer calls immediately so please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

Fees are $180 (incl gst) Individual Session per hour, Couples $220 (incl gst) per hour.  Clincial Supervision $180 (incl gst). Fees are payable at the completion of the session.
Eftpos is available.

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Dr Allyson Waite

Dr Allyson Waite

Clinical Psychologist

I am a  Registered Clinical Psychologist trained in the UK and have worked in mental health services as well as private practice.  I work with couples and individuals and specialise in couple and sex therapy.  My approach is to work collaboratively and relationally towards assisting individuals and couples to make changes and enhance wellbeing.  In particular, identifying negative interactional patterns between partners, enhancing emotional connection and communication and facilitating the development of new ways of relating.

In couple therapy I am trained in differing models including The Developmental Model and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as Cognitive Analytic Therapy.  I am also a Sex Therapist and co-director of Sex Therapy New Zealand providing therapy for individuals and couples experiencing around sexual and intimacy concerns.  I have a strong interest and specialist experience in working with older clients and the issues presenting in later life as well as in working with complex trauma.

I am a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPS) and College of Clinical Psychologists (NZCCP).

Please phone, text or email for an appointment:
Please feel free to contact me on 021 060 4992
or at to discuss an appointment.

$190 per session for couple therapy.

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Online & Intensive Retreats:

Nic Beets

Nic Beets

Clinical Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist in my 50s who has been in private practice since 1996.  For the last 15 years I have specialised almost solely in relationship therapy.  I have had some training in all the major models of couple therapy and have qualified as a “Master Mentor” in the Developmental Model.  I have developed a reputation as a “straight talker” and as someone who is able to cut to the heart of difficulties.

Since 2004 I have been doing couple therapy by teleconference as a means to follow up on the week-long therapy intensives I have been offering.  As a result of my experience during the Covid-19 lockdown, I have decided to shift ALL my sessions (apart from the intensives) online. 

As well as my therapy work, I offer training and supervision in the Developmental Model to other therapists as a Director of Relationship Therapy Inc.  I also support other therapists as the coordinator of the “Sex Therapy Interest Group”, a network of over 200 health professionals across Australia & New Zealand.

I am married to and work alongside, fellow psychologist Verity Thom, and we have two young adult children.  We have been together for over 40 years and are still learning, so I have a strong personal interest in making relationships work well.


You can contact me at or leave a message at 021 27 55 799

Couple appointments are for 90 minutes and cost $375 ($431.25 incl GST)
Individual appointments are for 60 minutes and cost $250 ($287.50 incl GST)

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Verity Thom

Verity Thom

Psychologist MNZPsS

I have been working as a psychologist for  34 years now and am a dedicated relationship specialist and sex therapist.  I work with individuals and couples online using Zoom to help them with any type of relationship problem they are experiencing.

If you want to work with me face to face I also offer couple therapy retreats – these can be anything from one weekend, two long weekends or 5 days (Mon-Fri). Each couple sees me on their own – this is NOT a group programme.  Follow-up therapy is then offered online.

I work at RelationshipWork alongside Nic Beets who is also my husband of 40 years. I have focused on working with relationship problems for 23 years now and I love to make a difference in this important area of people’s lives.

I work with the full range of relationship issues: Conflict, communication, infidelity, loyalty, step parenting, difficult exes and extended family, life challenges (stages, transitions, grief, loss and illness), parenting issues, impact of alcohol, drugs, gambling, any sort of sexual issue (desire issues, pain, arousal problems etc).

I am known for my forthright and down to earth attitude to working with relationship issues.  I work with focus and intent and my clients say they appreciate how actively I guide them rather than just let them do all the talking.  I have a map and I like to offer that understanding and guidance.

I have trained to an advanced level in the Crucible or Passionate Marriage approach with David Schnarch and Ruth Morehouse in America and have extended this with my training with Nic Beets and Paula Dennan in the Developmental Model of relationship therapy.  This has added so much to my toolkit for helping my clients resolve their difficulties and make the changes they want in their relationships.

My hourly rate is $250/hour (287.50 incl GST).  I normally see individuals for either an hour or an hour and a half.

Couple sessions are usually an hour and a half and so the fee for that is $375 (431.25 incl GST).  For people with a sense of urgency or a big problem to solve I also offer 3-hour sessions or two sessions a day.

Couples also have the option of working with me in person in a 2- 5- or 6-day Intensive Couples Retreat at the beautiful Waihi Beach.  Costs for this vary depending on what you are looking for.  Please contact me to discuss.

Online Appointments:
Monday to Friday in working hours – first appointment 9 or 9.30am, last appointment 4.00pm

Contact details:    Verity Thom
Phone: 021 27 55 799  (confidential voice message system)

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